Thursday, May 31, 2007

Messages From Above And Straight Ahead

In my BIG Atheism Blog Group, Allyson Whipple told us that while she and a friend were on a road trip they observed a lot of "message from god" billboards, such as "What part of 'thou shalt not' don't you understand? --God". So she asked us to come up with some atheistic ones. Well... Duane Hubbard came up with the following:

The order in which you realize that each of these is fake:

1. Tooth Fairy

2. Santa

3. God

4. Monster under the Bed

Can you just imagine driving down a dark country highway and seeing THAT billboard? I'ld be so shocked and then laughing so hard, I'ld probably crash my car and die! I think that Duane's billboard is so brilliant and hysterical, that atheist's around the country should get together and pay for several of these billboards for real to be posted wherever atheist organizations deem them necessary! :)