Thursday, June 7, 2007

#1 Reason Why Women Should Think Twice About Religion

The following is an excerpt from "Reasoned Spirituality" by B. W. Holmes

"Man has created his gods in his own image; usually physically, but always with human characteristics. Evidence suggests that gods were originally female; which makes sense, since women nurture and produce life. It is likely that masculine deities were developed to justify human aggression; changing god from an entity that passively provided for, and created life; to a pro-active force that assisted particular groups in the domination of others ("God is on our side"). As society developed, and male/female roles became less clearly defined, the masculine deity began to serve an additional purpose: to maintain male authority over women. Most religions still place restrictions upon the female members; allegedly due to orders from the male gods."

I hope with all my heart that any woman reading this, who has any doubts about, or is questioning her religion, would please educate herself on these topics. You can find information anwhere, in the library, all over the internet. Just re-read the bible, torah or koran, and you will see, with renewed vision, just how incredibly demeaning and hateful the writers of these books were to women.


Reasoned Spirituality, by B. W. Holmes (