Friday, June 1, 2007

Billboards, continued.

In her most recent post, nycnontheist said that athiests "should get together and pay for several of these billboards for real to be posted wherever atheist organizations deem them necessary!" I'm wholeheartedly in favor of this, and given my interest in shaking things up, I say we go for it. Of course, there is a lot to do. Figuring out states in which we should make these billboards, researching different companies (I'm sure there are some who would not want to take us on as clients), getting price quotes, and most importantly, raising money. Well, that and actually designing the billboards. This would involve a pretty big network of people, and a lot of time and effort (and of course money). So to get the ball rolling, here are a list of states I have been in that I know could use a bit of billboard atheism.

Potential States
1. Ohio
2. Michigan
3. Indiana
4. Kentucky
5. Tennessee

Admittedly, this list is pretty short -- suffice to say, I haven't traveled much, or at least, I've really only gone to places without a lot of Christian propaganda on the roadside. But I am serious about this. Leave comments with states where you'd like to see these billboards. Think of fundraising ideas, or let us know if you'd be willing to donate out of your own pocket. Brainstorm design ideas.