Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jesus was white european?

Let me give you some background on where this post is coming from. This morning I was sleeping peacefully, when the door bell range. Half asleep I put on some pants, tried to calm my growling cat, and headed for the door; when I looked outside I saw it was a woman dressed in her Sunday best - I decided not to answer the door, and let her go on her way. After she left I took a quick look outside to find a flyer propped in my screen door. I'm sure you can imagine my unadulterated joy. This is what I found:

Now look at that image? Does it look like someone from the Middle East? No? Imagine that. Okay, so the artist decided that Jesus looked like some guy I would run into at the Gap, in modern times (White, about 6' 2", modern hair cut, perfect skin). Let's just say that seems odd considering where Jesus was supposed to have been born, and when.
Upon looking into this, I ran into an article from Popular Mechanics (I can't believe that I missed this issue), too bad the article was no longer available, but then we do have archive.org.

Why do I bring this up, to me the false image just goes to show how religion, and society in general will change things to make them feel better. Since that is true, how can you truly trust what any part of religion has to say? How much of it is real, and how much of it is a recent development to fit into society's already defined values?

And to go back to the start of my post, why do I always get the religious people coming to my door? Anyone thing a big sign saying "An atheist lives here" would help with that?

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