Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Opiate Of The Masses

Why is religion "the opiate of the masses"? Well we know that it begins with the brain-washing of the poor and the needy - wash, rinse, dry, repeat. And the cycle continues ad infinitum, decade after decade, century after century.

Is it me or has anybody else noticed the socio-economic divide between those with the most faith and those with the most knowledge? The poorest and most needy among us always seem to have the most unshaken faith and belief in their god and religion. It most probably springs from (and I am talking about christianity here) the priest/minister's sermons and the bible's talk of "life everlasting", "heaven", blah blah blah (I really don't know enough about the Madlibs bible to be an authoritarian!) :)

But I am absolutely serious about the fact that every single person of a rich educational and/or upper-middle class background that I have ever met, is either an atheist or agnostic.
I know plenty of catholics, protestants and others, but are they practising? NO. Do they believe in organized religion? NO. Do most of them believe in god? NO!!!

This has been my own private, up-close-and-personal perspective.