Friday, June 22, 2007

Purity Ring and religions

While reading some Oddly Enough articles today, I came across this one. It is about a girl who is not allowed to wear her Purity ring to school due to the school's uniform policy. Here are a couple of good pieces from the article:

"It is really important to me because in the Bible it says we should do this," she told BBC radio.
So the bible told people to wear a ring with a reference to a specific bible scripture on it? Some how I think not. Oh, did I mention that her parents "help run the British arm of the American campaign group the Silver Ring Thing"? I can't help but think that her parents are pushing this more than she is. I sense a political agenda...

"What I would describe as a secular fundamentalism is coming to the fore, which really wants to silence certain beliefs, and Christian views in particular," he said.
Okay people, what do you think? Should she be allowed to wear a piece of jewelry to school, because it has a religious significance to her? Even though there is no reference to it in her actual religion? I wonder how this would be playing out if it was a wican who wanted to wear a pentagram to school - would the family still hold the same stance on the issue? I'm thinking not.

Here is a problem with religions, each and everyone. Once you become the largest religion in an area, then you think that you should be able to do anything you wish - sounds like a bully doesn't it. The needs of other religions are not seen to be as important. Then when someone says to that religious group that they can't do something, the their reaction is that everyone hates them, and is trying to silence them - sounds like a spoiled child. This isn't the fault of the religion, it is the fault of the people who are associated with that religion. I don't have a problem with religion, any religion, I have a problem with some of the people who follow that religion. The same can happen to any group - it doesn't have to be religious groups.

What do you think, hit the comments and tell us.