Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The image is some filler from the Dresden Codak webcomic. And I think it can be interpreted as a great metaphor for atheism. The hole in people's chests is something which many people fear or are insecure about. In the third panel, people turn to religion, wanton materialism, or dependence on others in order to fill this void in their lives. But the narrator, as we find out, ultimately doesn't feel the need to fill it. He doesn't see it as a source of emptiness or incompleteness; he feels his life is fine with a hole in his chest. And in a way, this hole contributes to his life, in the fact that it can provide amusement.

Atheism doesn't necessarily give us a source of entertainment. But I think that it contributes to our lives. We're all a lot like this narrator; we don't see our lives as lacking or empty. We're content. That doesn't mean we like everything about the world; if something bothers us, we're going to change it. But we don't need deities or toys or relationships to make our lives complete; we do that for ourselves.