Thursday, October 4, 2007

Religion and the DMV

I was at the DMV today, getting plates for my new (used) car. This particular branch was selling license plate frames for a variety of interests: fishing, being a parent/grandparent, sports, colleges and universities, etc. The one that bothered me, though? The one that said "What Would Jesus Do?"

I don't think a state agency of any kind has any right whatsoever to sell paraphernalia with religious phrasing or imagery. No, this isn't as bad as forcing children to pray in school, as people who don't believe in Jesus can simply not buy the plate frame. The point is, though, the state should not be receiving revenue from any sort of religious item. The state needs to be free of religion.

At the very least, the DMV should be selling frames that encompass all beliefs. One for Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Pastafarianism, Rastafarianism, and of course, Atheism. If it's going to insist on selling religious-themed vehicle decorations, it should at least make a point of including all religions.

I'm going to look into protesting this issue. It's simply not right.