Saturday, April 18, 2009

A lesson in Logic

Now first off please understand that not all "logicians" are atheist and not all atheists are logicians. But I think that a firm understanding of logic is good for everyone; that is atheists and theists. (If your agnostic or something and feel you don't fall into those two categories it's still good for you.)
Logic defines and expands what we all do naturally when making decisions.You'll learn about various fallacies that are commonly mistaken as good arguments. You'll learn the benefit of identifying emotional bias and separating it from your logical process. When I took my first class on logic(intro the Logic) it changed my life. The information presented allowed me to decipher the world far more clearly. I've found a great way to share this experience with all of you. MIT's Open CourseWare is a collection of classes that MIT is offering for free to anyone with Internet access. I found on their site Logic I and Logic II in addition to many other great looking philosophy courses. I'll include the links below, let me know how they work out for.

Also please share your experience of learning logic. Like I said for me it was a huge event I hope it is for you as well.

Linguistics and  Philosophy course listings --


Friday, April 17, 2009


It can be a painful thing at times I think.That need to separate our emotions from our decisions. But it is indeed a need. I don't so much say this in response to any crazy actions by some theist group. Instead I say this about the tea parties and the protests they host.

As I watched the coverage of these events people haplessly tossed out terms like fascist, or tyranny, or "taxation with out representation". Now any rational person can see what is the most most obvious problem with these protests. In a tyrannical or fascist state such protests would not be tolerated. In our they get gross media coverage.

These tea parties are fear mongering at its worst; blatant appeals to emotion by people that hardly understand the words they are using to make the appeal. It saddens me.

I know it's a bit off topic but I just had to vent.